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YT Interview #2
Here's the 2nd of my Youngstown interviews. This time I was in Los Angeles with the fellas. Enjoy!!

Youngstown Interview  # 2 Transcript
Youngstown Interview-June 16, 2000
Los Angeles, CA
Interviewer: Marisa Houston

Intro: This interview was a follow-up to the one in March. The
interview in March was directly related to the Kodak Through Your
Eyes Tour, and this time around, the focus of the interview is simply,
"What's Next For Youngstown".
In the pics of this interview, you'll notice that Sammy's eating the
Sour Patch Kids that I bought him and you'll see DC's birthday present
that I gave him sitting next to him along with the cards and all.

F-Dallas' friend

Note: I turned on the recorder right as a breeze came through an open
door. So don't be alarmed by Sammy's first words. Hehe.

S- Ahh, that feels so good.
M- Yeah.
D- Just leave that open.
D- (interrupting..talking to a friend of his) Wassupp Man? I'm gonna
bite you man.
F- What?
D-I'm gonna bite yo' style man.
F-Naw it's all mine.
D- *Laughs* Yeah, but if I put it on camera first, that means I came
up with it. *Laughs*
M-Ohhh No!
All- Laugh
S-Aw this is sweet.
(He was opening the card I gave him, which contained some pics from
the last interview and a copy of the article that ran. He was very
much into to the article.)
S- It's a good picture...the shiny pants.
M- The photographer was trying so hard to find a good angle. He
was trying to get a picture from the front, but from the side was the
best he could do.
S- Okay, I'm sorry for interrupting, go ahead.
M- laughs. Okay, pretty much the whole point of this interview was to
be like a follow-up to the last. I've pretty much become the Bay Area's
Youngstown correspondant. I do a lot of promoting of you guys, and they
asked me to do another interview, so I was like "Alright".
D- That's cool, that's cool.
M- So I was like, I'll head down there....
(Dallas' cell phone rings...)
D- I'm sorry....(Tells whoever's on the phone that he'll call them
back later)
M- So are you guys happy with the Kodak Tour and the way it turned out?
D- Actually, um, I wish radio would have been tied into it more. Um,
but that's some questions we're asking the record company Monday.
I mean, we just did a whole 20-city tour with no radio brought into it.
So there are definitely some questions about that.
M- Yea, yea..
S-All in all it was good. It was good exposure and it was a lot of fun..
M- Yeah...
S- A lot of fun. I LOVED the tour bus. I hate to fly.
M- *laughs* Yeah...
S-At first it's like.."Ah man! We're flying!" But after about a year
of doing it, twice a day sometimes, it's annoying.
M- Yeah, I hear ya.
S- (with a mouth full of candy) The road was a lot of fun. The kids
were wild. So I'm just lovin' it.
M- Yeah...*smiling* That's cool.
D- Yeah, all in all it was good.
M-So other than that, you guys were happy with it? There wasn't....
D-Naw, I think it was pretty good. It was very accomodating. People
were showing up at all the shows. Kodak by far was doing their part
by advertising, but it's just that I wish radio was tied into it.
S-The only thing that was crazy was that they tied in a lot of morning
shows in like every city we went to. Like 5 o'clock morning shows...
DC- But the bus was dope. I love the bus.
M-That's cool. You can't miss it!
All- Laugh!
S- *sighs* It's gone now.
(Sammy offers DC some of the Sour Patch Kids and one of them is nasty
DC to Sammy- Man, why is that one all sloppy looking?
Sammy to DC- Oh I'm sorry, it fell out of my mouth. Naw I'm kidding.
M- Riiiight.
All- Laugh.
M- So, after this, what are your guys' summer plans?
D- We're doing some fair dates.
M- Yeah! You guys are coming up our way.
S- Oh Yeah?
M- Yeah, in Vallejo.
D- We're actually going to start recording the album.
DC- Yep.
D- The second album.
M- Awesome!!
S- So dope.
M- That's cool! That's I like to hear!! That's cool! So what's next
for the new album?
D- We're going to be completely Youngstown.
S- It's funky. It's gonna be so funky.
D- It's gonna be completely Youngstown. Hopefully the kids will still
dig it, but it's going to completely Youngstown. *hushed* It's not
going to be so quote, Youngstown, unquote.
M-I hear ya.
S- It's gonna be our style.
DC- I would say that there's not going to be another song like "Angel"
on there.
All- Laugh.
D-Or like "Prince You Charmed" or like "Forever in Love"...whats
another one?
All- Laugh.
DC- You'll just have to find out!
S- It's gonna be dope though.
M-Um, so what are your guys' personal goals for the summer? Not
necessarily as a group.
D- To have the album finished and done by the end of August.
DC- I, ah, want to make sure that the album is tight. And I want to
finish my script I'm writing.
M- Oh yeah? What's that about?
DC- Vampires.
M- laughs. That's cool!
DC- That's all I can say.
M- Hey that's cool!
S- I wanna get my own full-sized drumset and other than that....
D- Not while living in a two bedroom apartment he's not!!
All- Laugh.
S-Hopefully we can get some instruments ourselves.....
D- Oh yeah yeah yeah, that's another goal for the summer. We're going
to all, all 3 of us, learn a song on aucustic guitars, where we set
down aucustically and play.. By next album, this is the thing,
by next album, we're going to show people that #1, we can sit up there
and dance and entertain you and that we can set down and do a
number unplugged. Like BAM. What do you want to hear.
M- Alright!
D- What do ya want? We're gonna give it to you.
M- I'll hold you all to that, you know that right?
D- That's to the extent of ours.
M-That's cool. Okay, I've been hearing a lot of controversy about
BBMak being on Hollywood and how there's like this whole rivalry
D- Hey hold on..Raymond. You need to listen to this question. This
is what I've been talking to you about dude.
(Ray comes over and listens in)
DC- Go ahead....
M-Well online there's been a lot of question about BBMak being on
Hollywood now, so that there's this whole rivalry.
D to Ray- They're considered the same as we are.
M-There are fans on both sides saying that you can only choose one.
D- I'll tell you this much. It's not a rivalry between us and BBMak.
It's a rivalry between us and record company.
M- I hear ya!! It's getting bad!
S- Yeah, we don't got nothing to do with it.
D-BBMak is cool, you know what I'm saying. But it's a rivalry with the
record compay signing a group just like us. It's a doggy-dog
business. But they have questions to answer, that we're asking them.
M-It's gettin' kind of rough. There are girls online who get all mad
when you say you like both Youngstown and BBMak. They say "You can't
like both!" It's just like the whole Backstreet Boys-N Sync thing.
DC- Yeah.
M- I'm like...Sure..
DC- You gotta like one 5 guy group, one 3 guy group and one female
solo artist...
M- So ya know, besides the album, what are your guys' long term goals?
Some people say they want to win a Grammy?
D-Our long term goals you know, are to really just to be respected as
writers and producers...
DC- Yeah....
D-And performers really. We do our part.
DC- Our goal is to have a longer minute...
M- Yeah...
D-We did our part this whole time...There's more that we wanted to do,
but we weren't given the funds, ya know, so...Yeah, we've definitely
got questions we're going to talk about Monday.
(Dallas is sounding a little bitter at this point. He's really got some
issues to take out with Hollywood Records)
M- I hear ya, I hear ya. (to DC) I have a question for you, what'd you
do for your birthday? Or have you done anything for your birthday?
DC- I was sick. All day yesterday. I got off the plane...the night
before I slept with the air on HIGH in Florida. It was real hot
outside and it was ice cold in my room. So I woke up I was like...
( he makes this extrememly goofy face and makes farting noises.)
All- Laugh.
DC- So I was like sneezing all day yesterday and my nose hurts today,
my mouth hurts. I bit something back here. (points inside his mouth),
My whole right gland is's bad.
M- Oh No!
DC- Yeah, so I just hung out. I got a new uh, video editor for my
computer, so I edited one of our old movies...
M- That's way cool..
DC- So I might go check out Shaft tonight or somethin' tonight...
S- After the basketball game!
DC- The Lakers are gonna take it baby!!
S- The Lakers are gonna take it!
M- Noo! I don't wanna hear it!
( I turn away and block my ears. Sammy puts his hands on my back,
and tries to see my face...)
S- Why?? Why?? What?
M- I'm a Pacers fan.
(Sammy turns away and acts all devastated and heartbroken)
(He picks up the recorder and pulls it away)
S- This interview is OVER!!
DC- Naw, But I think the Pacers will win tonight, but the Lakers
will win the series.
S- They probably will, but you never know. But you know what,
it's gonna be a hell of a game.
DC- I don't think the Pacers will win the series, but I think they'll
win tonights game.
M- I think so too, But I"m happy we made it this far.
S- Naw the Pacers are dope! Don't get me wrong, cuz Reggie, is, he's
unstoppable, he's so bad! He's one of the dopest players. But see, LA's
got so much talent.
M- Yeah....
S- I mean what can you do with Shaq down in the paint and homeboy
up on the outside.....
M-You can't....
S- NOTHING! Smits ain't got nothing! Nobody..Davis, I'm sorry.
M- I'm just happy that Reggie got to see the finals.
S- You know what? Reggie's cocky.
M- He is!
S- He's really, really cocky.
(Sammy offers everyone some of the gum that I bought him. DC says
thank you in German, I take a piece, which I saved and my sister says
No Thank You)
M- But there's just something about him, I don't know.
S- Yeah, he's dope!
M- So how's the show going to run tomorrow? Like how long is your
guys' set?
DC- It's only like 3 songs.
D- Yeah, 3 songs.
M- Three songs? No way.
S- Yeah, it's wack.
D- We were gonna do the live thing here, but they wouldn't let us
do it.
M- Maan!
D-They're holding us back.
M- I mean, this is my 3rd Radio Disney World Tour and things were run
very different.
D- Who was on the other shows?
M- Last week was Ashely Ballard and some girl named Myra.It was
supposed to be M2M, but they cancelled. And the show before was
No Authority. They had a long...they had five songs...
So that's not cool....
S- Hmmm..
M-Well that's pretty much all I have. The rest is about the shows this
weekend. But um....
DC-Argh. It's gonna be early. We have to be here at like 8:30 or
M- Yeah, we'll be here early. Um probably at like 4am or something.
D- Wow!
M-There's going to be people waiting. We're going to have to like
fight for seats.
S- Oh I don't know about all that...
M- There will be...
S- Yeah??
M- Yeah, so I'm like okay, we'll be here early.
D- Yeah I heard they gave out like 2,000 tickets.
M- Yeah, they've been giving them away like crazy.
DC- Thats cool man.
DC- We had to wake up at 3 in the morning this morning. They had us
performing at 6-7 o'clock in the morning on the news....
M- Oh Uh Uh!
DC- Yeah it was only one song
S- I took a short little 3 hour nap from like 11 to 2....
M- I"m tired! I've been driving all day...
D-ooh I'm tired. That's why I'm settin' over here in a daze.
DC- Thats why we're just gonna go home and watch the game.
S- We're gonna get there at half time and I'm going to be so mad.

M- Laughs. Yeah there's been a lot of hype about the game..
S-Yeaah! Yeaah!
M- Was like dang! Yeah, so that's pretty much all I had. It was just
a follow-up.
DC- Yeah, you're a good interviewer...
M-Thats cool..Thank You.
S- I'm curious to...actually anxious to read this article you wrote on
us. I'll read it when I get home...after the game.
M- *laughs* Oh yeah, of course. Don't worry, I'll be watching the game
too. I'll be stuck in my hotel. We almost didn't get the hotel room.
DC- Really?
M- Yeah, I lost my wallet, no money, no license, no ID...I'm driving
around LA with no ID...My mom's wiring me money tomorrow because I'm
not staying here for 3 days without any cash.
S-Oh my God. That sucks.
M- Yeah, so it's been an adventure.
DC- Sammy lost his wallet before. Right?
S- What?
DC-Didn't you lose your wallet before?
M- So I'm stressed and I'm tired.
D- ME TOO!! I'm so ready to fall asleep.
S- You know what? I did lose my wallet. It was right before we went
out to Europe and I had to get my passport. It was crazy.
M-I'm the type of person that if I don't strap it to me, I'll lose it.
Like my cell phone, I've lost like 3 times already.
DC- See I got my walletin my butt. Not in my butt, but close to it.
So I can always feel it.
D- Well it depends on which way he sets.
DC- Well now my left cheek is bigger now. I've like smashed it for
so many years now....
D- You know I've figured out why the left side of everyones body
developes faster then the right side...
DC- Why?
D- The left side is where your heart is in. It pumps oxygen to your
lungs and muscles and everything grows quicker.
M- Well you learn something new everyday!

(I start to pick up the recorder, and just as I turn it off,
DC says to Sammy..."Yeah, my right nut is bigger than the left."
And Sammy starts bustin' up. I wish I would have caught THAT on
tape! Hehe)

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